“Kinked” Neck (unable to move in particular direction)

Are you unable to move your neck? Did you wake up with it feeling stiff?

Surprisingly, about 10% of adults suffer from a stiff neck. You suddenly can’t move your head in either direction or when you try, the onset of pain prevents you from doing so.

Sometimes, a kinked neck occurs in conjunction with neck pain, shoulder pain, or headaches. It is uncomfortable and downright annoying.

So, what causes a kinked neck?

The most common cause is sleeping the wrong way. Other causes include overuse, keeping the neck in an awkward position for a long period of time, improper posture, or an impact type injury.

A kink in the neck is essentially a knot in the muscle. It makes it hard to move your head and makes it difficult to function in your day-to-day.

What can I do to find relief?

Massage helps work out knots in the muscles and helps you find relief from your daily aches and pains. Treat yourself and your body. Book your appointment today – click the ‘book appointment’ button below – and get back your best self. You deserve it.


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