Local Athlete – Sofia Cameron

Sofia Cameron has been involved in sports for as long as she can remember. And as a young athlete, we think she is definitely on the right track.

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Sofia grew up with an active family here in Edmonton. Living in a city that’s covered in snow for much of the year, it was a no brainer to get involved in winter sports. Snowboarding gave her the opportunity to get outside when most of us are hibernating with Netflix. It’s also a great way to spend time with her family in the beautiful mountain settings.

However, snowboarding only fills part of the year and for an active girl like Sofia that’s just not enough. So when she’s not shredding the gnar pow pow she’s keeping herself active in other ways. Not only does she snowboard but she takes hip hop dancing and plays both indoor and outdoor soccer.

Sofia started soccer just over a year ago because it was something new to try. After primarily participating in solitary sports like snowboarding and dance to that point, she found a new love for team sports. The camaraderie between herself and her teammates propelled her forward.

In trying something new, Sofia also learned a lot about herself. She realized that she was actually really good at sports. She started as a defensive player on her first soccer team but was soon moved to a forward position because of her strong striking skills. This was a personal accomplishment that she could be really proud of. She attributes this development to her soccer coach who was able to identify her tenacity and drive.

Like most people, one of Sofia’s best memories of playing soccer was scoring her first goal. However, last year’s City Finals stand out as a day she will never forget. The pressure of being in the final game and the exhaustion of playing in a tournament against the best in the city did not phase her. Her team was all tied up and in the last moments of the game Sofia scored the winning goal!

This Local Athlete may be small but her goals are big! Sofia wants to be a lawyer so she’s working hard in school to ensure she has top marks. Her plan is to play soccer in university and continue snowboarding every winter.

What’s next for Sofia?! This year will be difficult for many of us who love to play any sport. Sofia continues to train with her mom doing home workouts and jogging. She’s uncertain what the immediate future holds but she will continue playing soccer, even if it’s just with friends in the field. She remains positive and focused just like her idols in the professional leagues.

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