Lower Back Pain


What are the symptoms of lower back pain?  Severe, aching pain in the lower back that can move down to the buttocks and across to groin and upper thighs. Sometimes, those regions are sore to the touch and in almost all cases, pain can be strong enough to prevent walking and even standing.

What causes lower back pain? The most usual cause of lower back pain is a ligament or back muscle strain. This can occur when you use your back to lift a heavy object, rather than squatting and lifting with your legs. It can also occur when twisting your body abnormally, or when moving suddenly. Often, such movements stretch muscles and ligaments beyond their threshold, causing microscopic tears.

What is the solution? The majority of lower back pain issues disappear over a few weeks. It’s important to get a few days of rest after the injury to allow injured tissue a chance to heal. Many people also find relief using alternating hot and cold packs. Ultimately, you’ll want to book a massage with one of our registered massage therapists. Our staff are experts in pain management. Even just a one session can make a world of difference.


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