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Lymphatic Drainage Edmonton | Sherwood Park

History of Lymphatic Drainage

Developed by French scientists in the 1930s, Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) has become the most well-known and commonly practiced technique to help naturally drain the lymph from tissues. In the 1950s, these same scientists received invitations from across Europe to teach this method. From there, the technique developed into a staple part of massage therapy practices with thousands of certified instructors and therapists worldwide.

How Can Lymphatic Drainage Help You?

For athletes, injuries, strenuous workouts and competitions generate toxins and cellular debris within muscle tissue. These compounds inhibit the natural flow of lymph, preventing efficient healing. In other words, the body loses its efficiency in removing toxins and waste.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage is a form of massage therapy which involves the application of steady, undulating pressure in circular or spiral strokes. The gentle movement creates a pumping effect which increases the pressure of the lymph system. This movement removes blockages and maximizes the body’s rate of recovery through the removal of toxins and waste.

Major benefits of Lymphatic Drainage Massage for athletes include:

  • Up to a 10x increase in lymph flow, driving a faster recovery
  • An analgesic effect on pain, permitting greater range of movement
  • A strong reduction in swelling and inflammation, promoting faster healing
  • And accelerated softening and healing of fibrous scar tissue.

What I Need to Know Before My First Lymphatic Drainage Appointment?

Hydrate prior to your appointment. This will ensure you get the most out of your session. If you are on pain medication or any other medication, it is best to discuss Lymphatic Drainage Massage with your doctor before booking an appointment. This type of massage can cause drugs to metabolize more quickly in the body. Further, wear clothes that you feel comfortable in – preferable something loose. And avoid alcohol and heavy foods before your appointment.

Your therapist will use a light to moderate touch to guide lymphatic drainage. They will frequently focus on the main areas of the lymphatic system, which include the neck, abdomen, armpits, hips, liver, and kidneys. As the lymph drains, you may feel sensations such as a coolness, tingliness, or digestive noises. Sessions last 45-90 minutes.

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