Meghan Fraser

Trail running is likely not the first place you’d think to look for a previous Team Canada Equestrian member. But it is definitely where you will find Meghan Fraser.

Meghan Fraser

For Meghan, running is her stress reliever. Working in a high stress environment as an ER nurse is a rewarding, yet taxing job – especially on the mind. Running offers Meghan an escape where she isn’t burdened by the demands of her job. And where she states that she “can truly switch off.” Like many, she views it as a form of meditation. It quiets her mind and offers balance to an otherwise chaotic world.

Meghan Fraser

Similar to other running origin stories, Meghan began running in her mid-twenties to save money. It doesn’t require an expensive gym membership. And all you need is a pair of running shoes. Meghan adds, “It’s a great way to not only keep fit, but to explore a (new) city or area.”

Starting off running every morning to simply stay in shape, Meghan has since run through the base of the Himalayas, across never-ending beach stretches, through European markets, and the jungles of India – discovering a side to most places that many tourists wouldn’t regularly see.

On top of that – In the last 2-3 years, Meghan has competed in the 125 km Canadian Death Race, made the podium at the 100 km Lost Soul Ultra, ran multiple legs of the 100 mile Sinister 7, came in as one of the top 100 women in the Berlin Marathon, completed the 50 km Black Spur Ultra, competed in the 50 km River’s Edge Ultra, and finished the 50 km Vegan Global Ultra. It’s an impressive list. Even more impressive? She’s also made the podium at several more local races, with some amounting distances of 25 km.

It’s safe to say that running hasn’t just become a stress management tactic for Meghan – but has also become a personal passion. A few of her favourite trials are much closer to home, including Skyline in Jasper and the High Rockies Trail in Canmore. Meghan states, “You see so many awe-inspiring settings while pushing your body to it’s limits. It’s like no other feeling!”

Her athletic skills don’t stop at just running or equestrian either. As a teenager, she also trained competitively in swimming, fencing, and shooting. Once she hit University, the demanding schedule was hard to keep up. She opted for the gym and eventually, trail running.

Meghan Fraser
Meghan Fraser

Unfortunately in the past year, Meghan hit a major hurdle. She tore her hamstring during deadlifts. Soon after, she ran the Death Race, and began training for her next race. On top of a hamstring injury, she also ended up injuring her hip. With a hint of luck and a lot of hard work, Meghan still managed to hit her goals for these races. Although, she states that it was a big learning opportunity – one where she says that next time she wouldn’t push through the pain like she did. She claims it’s been a tough year involving training, massage therapy, and physio to get back to running pain-free. But she’s getting there!

Her plans for the next year potentially involve a volunteer week in Columbia followed by a 50 km run through the jungle and possibly a 100 km race through the hills of Tuscany. She also says she has her eye on the Sahara Race in the future, the Fat Dog race, a possible run of the West Coast Trail, and maybe even a run of the Grand Canyon from Rim to Rim. Right now, her main focus is on getting better and back to her normal after injury.

Meghan is an inspiration force – voicing that if anyone out there wants to get into running, they should find what they enjoy. “Some days it’s a push and it’s difficult- but those are the days that make you. The days it’s easy, are, well, easy. If you want to see what you’re made of and hit new goals, then you have to get uncomfortable,” she says. She adds, “Get out there and give it a go!”

As for 10 years down the line, Meghan imagines she will still be running. And hopes to be happy and healthy. From there, the possibilities are endless.

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