What is your sport: Motocross

Motocross is a motorcycle racing sport. In Motocross, racers take on an outdoor course, which often includes a variety of terrain to navigate and maneuver through.

Motocross is named as such due to the combination of motorcycles and the cross-country style circuits they have to race around.

Unlike MotoGP, people tend to consider Motocross as a more dangerous sport. This is because of the close proximity of the racers and the off-road, and often wild nature of the tracks.

As a result, you can be quite likely to pick up some kind of injury in the sport if you are not careful. The injuries sustained tend to be more severe too, due to the high-speed of the motorcycles and presence of other riders.


Bowling Injuries

Main Muscles Used in Motocross:

Abdominals, Obliques, Hip Flexors, Wrists, Forearms, Biceps, Triceps.


Common Muscle Injuries from Motocross:

Injuries in Motocross are commonly sustained as a result of taking a turn too quickly, falling from your bike, or losing control on a jump. There is also the danger of crashing into other riders.

Some of the more common injuries result from falling, and they range from moderate to severe. Minor injuries can be anything, such as a wrist or ankle sprain, Meanwhile, major injuries may range from a concussion to broken bones.


How Can You Alleviate Your Motocross Injuries?

You can deal with minor injuries by resting the affected area. If it’s a sprain, apply ice to the area. Make sure to not exceed longer than 20 minutes and to leave 45 minutes in between ice application.

If it’s more serious, like a broken bone, then you’ll need immediate medical attention. After which, you will probably have to go through physical therapy to get back to full strength. Massage therapy may further be recommended to ease muscle tension, improve blood flow, and promote recovery.

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