Muscle Pain After Your Massage

Muscle Pain After Your Massage

Symptom – Are you experiencing muscle pain after your massage? 

Have you recently gone for a massage and now your muscles are suddenly sore? You feel like you’ve just worked out the day before. But you didn’t. Following your massage, your muscles feel sore, stiff, and achy. This usually occurs within 24-73 hours post-massage. And there’s good news: It’s absolutely normal (for the most part) – and especially if you’ve had a deep tissue massage. So what’s going on? Let’s take a closer look! 

What is causing muscle pain after massage? 

Muscle pain after massage is absolutely normal. However, during your massage, you should always make sure to communicate with your massage therapist. If anything causes pain or discomfort, let them know. They will adjust accordingly for your comfort. 

Essentially, what is happening is a natural part of tissue restoration, healing, and repair. In a massage, your therapist applies a force to your muscles. This frequently causes localized inflammation – which is what your body needs. It stimulates the natural healing process of the body and the immune system. If adhesions are present in the muscles, your massage therapist will actively apply force to get them out. Again, this may result in muscle pain after a massage as your body heals itself naturally over the next couple of days.  

So how can you relieve the muscle pain after your massage? 

Luckily, there are plenty of ways you can reduce this muscle pain after your massage. You want to make sure to drink plenty of water, perform gentle stretches, and you may choose to apply heat or ice to the area. Heat is likely a better choice post-massage, but applying may help more throughout the following days after a massage. Apply each device for 15 minutes at a time, with a cloth in between the skin and heat or ice device, as well as a 45 minute gap in between applications. 

Massage is part of a full and active recovery. It has many benefits. Make sure you communicate with your massage therapist on what injuries or aches and pains you have. Again, let them know throughout the massage how certain techniques are feeling and let them know when something is hurting you. You shouldn’t be in severe pain during your massage.  

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