Muscle Pain During Pregnancy

Muscle Pain During Pregnancy

Symptom – Are you experiencing muscle pain during pregnancy? 

The body goes through all kinds of changes during pregnancy. And joint or muscular aches and pains aren’t uncommon. After all, the body is gradually adapting to the growing fetus. Your muscle pain may feel like a cramping, aching, or sore sensation. So, what’s really going on? Let’s dive in! 

What is causing your muscle pain during pregnancy? 

The first trimester of pregnancy is particularly challenging. Many women experience morning sickness during this time. In addition, muscle cramping and soreness may occur.  

Cramping originating from the uterus may be due to the uterus expanding to accommodate. Consequently, the ligaments and muscles become stretched. Your joints may feel sore or painful as this happens as well. 

Muscle pain during pregnancy may also take place during the later stages of pregnancy. A lot of women complain of calf cramps or muscular cramps in the lower extremities during the later stages, such as the third trimester. Back or abdominal cramping or muscular aches are also common. These may happen from folic or iron deficiencies, which go up in demand during pregnancy. It may also occur from too much calcium or phosphorus in your diet.   

These aches and pains may also arise from simply overuse and the excess weight. Your body is put under much more stress and demand during pregnancy. The excess weight creates stress on your joints and other tissues.  

Neural compression may also happen during pregnancy, causing numbness, tingling, or sharp pains in the legs. These symptoms usually dissipate after birth.  

So, how can you relieve your muscle pain during pregnancy? 

Relaxation exercises may help. They can decrease stress and help you remain calm throughout your pregnancy. Some experts recommend taking warm baths or using heat devices for heat therapy. However, certain temperatures should not be exceeded at a certain point in pregnancy. Make sure you check with your doctor as to what a safe temperature is. 

Further, if your symptoms seem abnormal or are severe, it’s advised to seek out immediate medical attention.  

Massage may further be recommended throughout your pregnancy. It can help relieve pain, increase blood flow, eliminate muscle tightness, and again, help you relax. At Athlete’s Choice Massage, our registered massage therapists are trained in prenatal massage. They can help you get through the challenging but exciting time of pregnancy. Click ‘BOOK NOW’ below to schedule your next appointment with Athlete’s Choice Massage. 

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