Muscle Pain in the Back of Your Head

muscle pain in the back of the head

Symptom – Are you experiencing muscle pain in the back of your head? 

Muscle pain in the back of the head is defined as discomfort or aching anywhere on the posterior side of the skull. 


What is causing my muscle pain in the back of my head? 

There are many different reasons as to why pain in the back of the head occurs. Arthritis, bad posture, spinal issues, neural symptoms, or headaches may all cause muscle pain to develop. 


Arthritis can cause the surrounding muscles to become tight and tense. In turn, you may experience pain at the base of your skull and neck. Bad posture or a kinked neck can also place tension and stress on the muscles that attach at the back of the head. This can create pain, amongst other issues.  


Any injuries or conditions involving the spine can cause muscle pain on the back of the head. Disc degeneration and a herniated disc can happen to the spine. In turn, tension may build in surrounding muscles and muscles that attach to the back of the skull. Neurological disorders, tension headaches, and migraines can also create muscle pain in the area. 

What can you do to relieve the muscle pain in the back of your head?

If the muscle pain in the back of your head persists, consider booking an appointment with your doctor. There are so many different causes that it’s important to get a proper diagnosis. Once you have been properly diagnosed, your doctor and other health professionals can come up with an appropriate treatment plan for your specific situation. 


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