Muscle Pain While Sleeping

muscle pain while sleeping

Symptom – Are you experiencing muscle pain while sleeping? 

Muscle pain while sleeping is defined as any muscle discomfort experienced during sleep or upon waking. 

What is causing my muscle pain while sleeping? 

The neck, back, and shoulders are common areas for individuals to experience pain upon waking. Frequently, these types of pain are caused by incorrect sleeping positions or improper pillows or mattresses. By determining the best mattress and pillow for your body and health, you can significantly limit these problems. It often comes down to a personal preference. 


Muscle pain while sleeping may also be caused from muscle cramps or spasms. The most common type of muscle cramp while sleeping is calf cramps. Calf or feet cramps often wake the person up in the middle of the night. The pain may last from just a few seconds to a couple of minutes. They may be caused by inactivity, overuse of the muscles, or improper sitting or standing techniques.  


Further, certain conditions or injuries may cause muscle pain while sleeping. Fibromyalgia can cause persistent pain, making it difficult to sleep. Parkinson’s Disease, arthritis, or other conditions can also cause pain while sleeping. An injury can also flare-up as you sleep depending on the body part or area affected. For example, a back injury or condition can disrupt sleep and keep individuals awake throughout the night. 

What can you do to relieve your muscle pain while sleeping? 

If the pain increases or fails to subside, book an appointment with your family doctor. This way you can get a proper diagnosis and proper treatment. Looking into a proper mattress or pillow can greatly help reduce muscle pain while sleeping. Further, stretching or avoiding overuse injuries can also decrease muscle pain while sleeping. If the pain is caused by a certain condition, your doctor can help you determine the proper treatment path to help decrease and eliminant your muscle pain while sleeping. 


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