Are you suffering from Neck Pain?

Regardless the cause, one of the most widely recognized solutions for neck pain is massage. Even just one session with a registered massage therapist can make a world of difference. Massage loosens tight muscles, releasing painful knots and and tension.

What are some of the causes of neck and shoulder pain?

Unfortunately, the list of possible contributors is long. Some of the most commonly reported neck pain issues are due to car accidents, but other top causes include diseases such as osteoarthritis, degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis, and spinal infection.

Can unhealthy lifestyles cause neck pain?

Yes of course! Unhealthy lifestyles can also cause neck pain, especially in the case of obesity, poor posture, stress and even emotional distress. On the other hand, pain in your neck region could be caused by something as simple as studying all night with your head down, or even falling asleep in the wrong position.

How can I book a massage for my neck pain?

Athlete’s Choice has several excellent therapists with plenty of experience treating a wide range of musculature issues. We can help you eliminate your neck pain right now.



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