Obliques Muscle

Obliques Muscle

DEFINITION – What does Obliques mean?

Owing both to their size and to subcutaneous fat deposits, the Obliques are almost invisible on each side of the abdominal wall. The largest and also the most superficial (close to the skin) of each of the thin muscles along the anterior lateral abdomen, they draw off the lower ribs and extend down to the pelvis (to the ilium crest), the linea alba, and the pubis.

FUNCTION – Obliques Muscle

Trunk twist (spinal rotation) is one of the main functions of the Oblique muscle. Another is pulling the entire chest downwards toward the abdomen to add pressure on the abdominal cavity. Firing singly on either side, the obliques can also generate lateral flexion. They help you bend sideways and they can also improve your posture by supporting your back. Obliques are controlled (innervated) by ventral branches of both the subcostal and lower thoracoabdominal nerves.


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