On Site Massage

DEFINE – What is On Site Massage?

On site massage refers to massage which usually takes place in the workplace (office) of the recipient. 

Workplace massage as it’s also known is often utilised by companies who hire a massage therapist to come to the office, set up as if they were in the clinic, and offer massage services to the employees.

BREAKING DOWN – On Site Massage 

A service used by companies to boost the morale of staff, or as a reward for hard work, on site massage is a great way to raise spirits in the office.

It can also prove quite popular at trade shows, concerts, or live events. Spending all day walking around, or sat down listening to conferences can be tough on the body, so on site massage is a good solution to potential aching and pains.

In particular this type of massage aims to help with neck issues, shoulder pain, and other commonly experienced workplace strains like carpal tunnel syndrome.

After all, most office jobs require that the employee spends most, if not all, of the day sat at a desk where poor posture and repetitive strain injuries are likely in the long term.

Typically on site massage is performed with a massage chair which is brought by the massage therapist, however table massage is also an option.

The frequency with which the massage therapist visits the office or event depends on the client, as well as the length of the massage. So it’s a very flexible option which can be made the most of during lunch break, or after the work day is done.

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