Orthopaedic Assessment Edmonton | Sherwood Park

Orthopaedic Assessment Edmonton | Sherwood Park

History of The Orthopaedic Assessment

Standardized training of orthopaedic assessment was developed to help practitioners and patients better determine causes of a musculoskeletal problem and solutions to the problem. It was developed by various researchers and parties, making it what it is today. In general, it consists of taking a patient’s history, observing how the patient moves, evaluating reflexes and sensations, and performing diagnostic tests.

How Can Orthopaedic Assessments Help You?

If you’ve suffered a sports injury or have been in an accident, it is highly recommended that you book an orthopaedic assessment prior to beginning a therapeutic massage. This way your therapist can pinpoint the issue and determine an appropriate treatment plan to help you feel better.

What I Need to Know Before My First Orthopaedic Assessment Appointment?

An orthopaedic assessment is a comprehensive evaluation of your musculoskeletal condition, soft tissue health, range of motion, and manual resistance. These factors help shed light on your overall condition and pinpoint underlying issues. The diagnosis and determination of a treatment regimen is a skill set our therapists have acquired through extensive training and experience. Their evaluation will explain how your soft tissues relate to your body’s health and how injuries can occur – as well as provide a guide on how to best manage these situations.

It will ensure your therapist fully understands your precise situation, and it will give them the time to review your detailed history. As part of the assessment, your therapist and you will discuss ongoing problems and imbalances. Your therapist will also provide stretches and strengthening techniques especially made for you. Together, you create a personalized treatment plan designed to get you back on the right path to a healthy, pain free life.

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Please note that if you require an orthopaedic assessment for an insurance claim you must ensure your provider will accept an assessment from an RMT. Please be aware that additional fees may be applied for third party forms. Legal authorization for release of medical information to a doctor, medical facility, or insurance company may also be required.

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