Osteitis Pubis: What Should You Know?

Osteitis pubis is an inflammatory condition that happens where the two halves of the pubic bone meet at the pubic symphysis. Other complications may also occur, such as bony growths developing around the pubic symphysis.  

Osteitis Pubis: What Should You Know?

It is one of the most painful and persistent groin injuries that frequently occur in soccer players and runners. Although it may also develop in women after childbirth and after prolonged labor. Generally, inflammation in the pubic bone causing osteitis pubis may arise from increasing training too quickly, muscle weaknesses or imbalances, shortened or tight muscles, and exercising on hard or uneven terrains. Poor gait mechanics and legs of different lengths may also result in this condition.    

Osteitis pubis may further become a chronic condition causing intense pain. Other signs and symptoms are a sharp dull pain in the groin area. Tenderness may also be present in the front area of the pubic bone. Occasionally, the pain may radiate to the lower abdominal area, as well as into the upper legs.  

Treatment for Osteitis Pubis 

As far as treatment goes, rest is necessary. No surgery or prescription drugs are required. In order to fully heal, time with little or no aggravation will resolve the pain and inflammation.

Further, ice, compression, and elevation can help tackle the symptoms associated with osteitis pubis. If the pain continues, consult with a sports medicine specialist. Further testing may be required to determine what really is going on.  

 Massage therapy may further aid in easing shortened muscles contributing to the problem. Physical therapy may also be recommended and involve a rehabilitation program focusing on strengthening and stretching of the leg adductor muscles.  

Preventative Care

One you’ve fully recovered, preventative measures should be taken to ensure a repeated incident does not occur. Wearing proper footwear can aid in appropriate gait mechanics, as inserts may help in cases where the legs vary in length.  

 Make sure to gradually increase your training and intensity. Allow adequate time in between each training session for your body to recover and heal. This will prevent excessive overuse leading to osteitis pubis.  

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