Pain in Forearms

Symptom – Are you experiencing forearm pain?

Pain in the forearms can significantly impair your day-to-day activities. We use the forearms to perform common tasks such as eating, typing, and cooking.

What causes pain in the forearms?

The forearms contain the wrist flexors and extensors. When overused, tendonitis may occur in any of these muscles. Other causes may include direct impact injuries, fractures, sport injuries, or compressed nerves.  

The pain can have a sudden onset or may gradually develop.

If it is closer to the wrist where the pain is occurring, the discomfort may be caused by carpal tunnel syndrome.

How can I find relief for the pain in my forearms?

Allowing time for your forearms to heal and rest is important. Massage therapy can also prove to be a viable treatment option. It can help relax and promote recovery at and around the injury site.

At Athlete’s Choice Massage, we strive to get you back to feeling your best. Click the ‘book appointment’ button below to schedule your massage appointment with one of our registered massage therapists.


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