Reduced ROM in Upper Body

Symptom – Are you experiencing reduced range of motion in your upper body?

Surprisingly, your shoulder is the most mobile joint in the human body. It allows you to reach above your head for objects and stretch your arms out to your sides and in front of you.

When we lose mobility in the shoulder, it can pose some serious issues when trying to perform your daily activities. Reaching for that plate in the cupboard might become difficult or painful.

So, why are you experiencing reduced range of motion in your upper body?

The most common causes of reduced mobility include a rotator cuff tear, shoulder impingement, or a frozen shoulder. The pain may make it difficult to move. In the case of a frozen shoulder, your joint is literally frozen in place due to the thickening of surrounding tissues. It may become too stiff to perform basic movements. It may also become too painful to perform these movements.

What can you do to improve your ROM in the upper body?

Many exercises offer ways to improve your range of motion. However, it is always best to perform and learn these exercises from a qualified expert.

Massage therapy can help you improve your range of motion and get you back to the things you love and enjoy. Click the ‘book appointment’ button below and consult with one of our qualified therapists today.


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