What is your sport: Roller Derby

Roller derby is a contact sport consisting of 2 teams with 5 players each. The goal of each team is to get their designed jammer (a player marked with a star on their helmet) to lap members of the opposing team.  

Roller derby is a tough sport. With body contact as a major part of it, safety gear is mandatory. Players must be excellent skaters and have exceptional balance. Speed and endurance is also a major part in the sport.  

Main Muscles Used in Roller Derby

Roller Derby Injuries

Common Muscle Injuries from Roller Derby

The most common roller derby injuries include: 

  • Muscle Strain: Muscle strains frequently happen from falls or overuse. 
  • Sprains: Since the sport has a high amount of contact, sprains and fractures are common injuries.  
  • Knee Injuries: The most common type of knee injury in roller derby is posterior cruciate ligament injury. It is often caused by impact to the front of the knee. Other knee injuries include ACL injuries and meniscus tears. 
  • Back Pain: This sport requires a lot of balance. If you have a weak core, it leaves your back prone to injury as it tries to compensate. 

How Can You Alleviate Your Roller Derby Injuries?

It’s important to stop playing the sport immediately. Continuing to play may result in a more severe situation, especially with the high amount of contact involved. Ice the injured area for 10-15 minutes at a time. And make sure to place a cloth in between your skin and the ice. Further, strengthening and stretching exercise may be a key part of your treatment. These exercises can help strengthen weak areas that may have contributed to your injury and pain. Book an appointment with your doctor or healthcare provider to determine the proper course of treatment for you and your injury. 

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