What is your sport: Rugby

Rugby is a popular sport in many countries. The sport consists of 2 teams with 15 players on the field for each team at one time. The game is played with an oval ball which can be carried, kicked, or passed from one player’s hand to another. The goal is to get the most points. To score a point, the ball must be grounded behind the other team’s goal line – or by kicking it between the 2 posts of the other team’s goal. 

Rugby requires a lot of running – which demands endurance from the players – and quick changes in direction. Passing and tackling are also considered important skills to be successful in this sport. Further, a level of quick decision making abilities is necessary to make on-the-go decisions in play.  

Rugby Injuries

Common Muscle Injuries from Rugby

The most common rugby injuries include: 

  • Knee Tendonitis: Due to the high amount of running involved in rugby, tendonitis in the knee is a common problem for many players. 
  • Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome: Also known as shin splints, this is another injury that is frequently caused by overuse due to increased running or sprinting bouts. 
  • Medial Collateral Ligament Sprain: These often occur due to the contact involved in the sport, such as tackling.  
  • Anterior Cruciate Ligament Sprain: This type of sprain is also frequently caused by direct contact with other players or from quick changes in direction. 
  • Shoulder Dislocation: Falls to the ground or tackles may also result in a shoulder dislocation injury. 
  • Knee Meniscus Tears: This is another injury that may happen from a quick pivot or from a collision with another player or the ground. 

How Can You Alleviate Your Rugby Injuries?

A proper recovery and rest period is necessary to ensure your injuries don’t become bigger problems. Ice helps relieve pain and swelling in certain types of injuries. Further, an appropriate rehabilitation program – involving strengthening and stretching exercises – can help re-stabilize the area and get you back to your normal. 

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