Serratus Anterior Muscle

Serratus Anterior Muscle

DEFINITION – What does Serratus Anterior mean?

Originating on the surface of the first eight ribs, the Serratus Anterior gets its name from the Latin word, ‘sarrare’, which means ‘saw’, in light of its shape. Inserting along the entire forward length of the scapula’s medial border and the thoracic vertebrae, the muscle is often defined by its major parts, the inferior, medial, and superior.

FUNCTION – Serratus Anterior Muscle

Sometimes referred to as the ‘boxer’s muscle’ because of its role played in throwing a punch, the Serratus Anterior muscle permits the forward and upward rotation of the arm which, aided by the trapezius, helps you lift heavy things over your head. The inferior section of the muscle does this by pulling the lower portion of the shoulder blade laterally and forward, rotating the shoulder blade and making arm elevation possible. This muscle also has a secondary task of aiding respiration.


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