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How Can a Certified Athletic Therapist Help You?

Whether you’re a competitive or recreational athlete, a certified athletic therapist can help you get back to your peak performance. Through the use of rehabilitation techniques, soft tissue mobilization, therapeutic modalities, supportive taping or bracing, and strength training, an athletic therapist helps provide the optimal healing environment and process for your body to recover safely.

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A certified athletic therapist specializes in assessing, treating, and preventing athletic injuries. Using the techniques and methods described above, your therapist helps reduce pain, improve circulation, decrease scar tissue formation, and improves strength, flexibility, and mobility. And for those passionate about their sport, an athletic therapist can help you get back to it. Your assessment and treatment may vary depending on your injury, sport, and overall health. At Athlete’s Choice Massage, we have some of the best athletic therapists in Edmonton. Let our team help you recover and get back on the playing field.

History of Athletic Therapists

Surprisingly, athletic therapists have been around for over 50 years in Canada. The Canadian Athletic Therapists Association (CATA) was created in April of 1965, with its first annual meeting held in Toronto. In fact, Sheridan College in Southern Ontario was the first institution in the country to introduce an Athletic Therapy program. Today, there are 8 accredited Athletic Therapy programs across the nation.

What to expect:

Each session with an athletic therapist is one-on-one. During your first visit with your Certified Athletic Therapist in Edmonton, your appointment will involve an initial assessment. You can expect this to take anywhere from 45-60 minutes.

During your assessment, your athletic therapist will go over your medical history, conduct an injury analysis, and perform various functional tests to determine the best treatment plan.

After your assessment, your therapist will inform you about your injury and educate you on their proposed treatment plan. From there on out, you will be required to attend treatment visits which may last 30-45 minutes at a time. Your athletic therapist will also inform you as to approximately how long they expect your recovery to take.

Rehabilitation techniques and methods they may use include mobilization techniques, manual therapy, therapeutic modalities, and education and demonstration regarding strengthening or stretching exercises.

Other things you should know:

Even if you’ve experienced an injury at work, a certified athletic therapist can help you. Certified athletic therapists are also qualified to help you recover through non-sport related injuries, such as work-related injuries. If you have more than one area of complaint, please let your therapist know your main issue, so that they can use the time allotted to their best ability. Any other injuries may need to be assessed and treated at your next appointment.

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