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How Can a Chair Massage Help You?

Workplace stress can start to impact a person’s performance, production rate, and overall mental, emotional, and physical health. A key way to combat that stress and general upper body tension is with chair massage. We offer short sessions throughout the work week. Why not pop in over your lunch or coffee break?!

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Do you work on a computer and stare at your phone all day long? This posture is hard on the body and can create long term issues. During a chair massage, our trained therapists will work on your upper body to address all of that tension built up from sitting at a desk for hours upon hours. We offer short treatments to make it possible for you to leave work and be back before anyone even knows it! Just 20 minutes will have you feeling lighter, looser and more relaxed. You’ll be more productive and your co-workers will be much happier too.

History of Chair Massage

The first chair for chair massage was created in 1968 by David Palmer. This first construct of the massage chair weighed 28 pounds. Yet, it’s design was optimal. It provided stability and safety for the client and massage therapist. And this chair allowed massage therapists to easily transport their equipment and thus, build their client base. Since then, chair massage has opened the world of massage therapy to individuals who otherwise may not have ever experienced it before. Today, it’s common for chair massage to be used in the workplace or at other events.

What to expect during your Chair Massage:

Most chair massage sessions last 20 minutes or less. Generally, your massage therapist will focus on your shoulders, back, neck, arms, and head. You sit in a massage chair, which is ergonomically designed to provide optimal comfort. Typically, your face rests in the cradle built into the chair. This position allows your back and neck to fully relax, which allows your massage therapist to provide the best treatment possible.

The difference between a chair massage and a regular massage is that there is no need to undress or change. It’s also generally a shorter duration than a regular massage. The best part? You can sit down and relax, then get up and get on with your day.

Techniques your massage therapist may use during a chair massage include kneading, squeezing, pulling of the muscles, acupressure, and more. These techniques aim to relax your entire body and help you de-stress. They can also help prevent repetitive injuries, such as those caused by typing at a computer all day.

Other things you should know about a Chair Massage:

Throughout your session, ensure you communicate with your massage therapist. If something doesn’t feel right, let them know and they will adjust. Your comfort is our main concern. Further, if you want one area worked on more than others, let your massage therapist know before your chair massage begins.

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