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How can a Prenatal Massage help you?

Massage offers a safe, natural, and drug-free choice for pain relief – especially since doctors often recommend against taking medications in consideration for the unborn child.

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A regular regimen of massage therapy promotes overall well-being and can help eliminate the painful aspects of pregnancy. By reducing stress on load-bearing joints caused by the added weight of the baby, massage can foster the flow of blood and lymphatic fluid. In turn, it eliminates toxins from the body and helps to loosen tense muscles.

Moreover, massage can alleviate stress-forming anxiety by focusing on trigger points. There are numerous benefits associated to the elimination of stress, including helping to stave-off hormonally-induced depression.

Massage can also be used to treat sleep difficulties due to pain or discomfort. Some techniques utilize essential oils and peaceful music – the combination of soothing scents and sounds with the deep kneading of a good massage can be an excellent formula for deep sleep. Plus, massages stimulate the release of endorphins and serotonin in your body, all natural chemicals which counter pain and can help drop you into a deep sleep.

Lastly, massage can help eliminate and prevent chronic injuries or aches caused by improper posture and changes in alignment caused by increasing weight. Massage increases muscle tone and flexibility, enhancing the ability to carry this extra weight while also relieving aches and pains, leg cramps, and muscle spasms.

History of Prenatal Massage

Prenatal Massage has roots in Ayurvedic Medicine – a medicine system that originated in India over 3000 years ago. These medicinal systems are based on the belief that optimal health comes from a proper balance between the mind, body, and spirit. Evidence of Prenatal Massage has further been found in many ancient and historical texts worldwide. The idea is that it prepares the mother for childbirth by relieving any ailments or pain caused by pregnancy.

What to expect:

If you are experiencing migraines, joint swelling, stiff muscles, backaches, cramping, fatigue or sleep difficulties during pregnancy, a Prenatal Massage is the right service for you.

Appointment times range from 60 minutes to 90 minutes. Your treatment will begin with a short one-on-one assessment. This is your opportunity to point out what areas you’d like to work on during your time, as well as identify any special requests or concerns you may have.

When you come for your treatment, our primary concern will be the safety of your baby and your comfort. We use special cushions to ensure your body is properly supported. Frequently, Prenatal Massage is best performed while lying on your side. If you feel uncomfortable at any point, let your therapist know. An open line of communication is encouraged by our therapists to ensure you – the client – is put first. The modalities your therapist may choose to use are: Light, Medium to Deep Pressure Techniques, Orthopedic Massage, Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release, Soft Tissue Release, Pelvic Balancing, Advanced Neuromuscular Techniques, Hot and Cold Therapy, and Remedial Exercises. Your individual treatment plan will be determined by what you present both verbally and what is ascertained from palpating your soft tissues. Your therapist is trained to identify the source of your issue and treat as needed.

Other things you should know:

You will be required to give consent if you are within the first trimester of your pregnancy. If at any time you become uncomfortable in any position please let your therapist know so they can realign your body or adjust any bolsters or pillows.

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