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Thai Foot Massage is a relaxing treatment that utilizes massage, pressure points, stretching techniques, and joint manipulations to soothe sore feet and ease general tension. Pressure points along the “Sen” lines are gently and methodically stimulated to enhance or restore the free flow of energy. This treatment: improves circulation systemically and especially in the feet and legs, reduces pain and stiffness resulting from things like workouts, athletics, or working on your feet, improves flexibility in the feet and ankles, stimulates the lymphatic system which helps reduce swelling and speed regeneration of tissues and cells. In addition, people have attributed improvements in stress levels, sleep, headaches, mood, and thought clarity to regularly receiving Thai Foot Massage.

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What to expect during your Thai Foot Massage appointment:

If you have issues of sore feet, achy lower legs, or general stress, a Thai Foot Massage is the right service for you.

Your treatment will begin with a short assessment. Your massage therapist will go over your health history and any issues you want to address. You will not be asked to undress so be sure to wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing.

The modalities your therapist may choose to incorporate are; light to medium tissue techniques, acupressure, stretching, twisting and joint manipulations. The full Thai Foot massage session follows a methodical rhythm. The therapist may also utilize traditional Thai tools. The treatment can take place on a firm mat on the floor, recumbent chair, or massage table.

Thai Foot Massage is a deeply relaxing experience. Try to let go of any stress or tension and allow yourself to fully unwind and enjoy the experience.

After the massage, you may feel relaxed and rejuvenated. It’s important to drink plenty of water to help flush out any toxins that were released during the massage. Your therapist may also provide you with some aftercare advice, such as remedial exercises, stretching or self-massage techniques to help facilitate your rehabilitation and progress. A return date for your treatment plan will also be suggested to keep you on track.

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Other things you should know about your Thai Foot Massage appointment:

If you’re planning on getting a Thai Foot Massage, here are some important things to keep in mind:

  1. Arrive early: It’s a good idea to arrive a few minutes early to your appointment. This will give you time to fill out any necessary paperwork and get settled in before your treatment begins.
  2. Avoid heavy meals: A full stomach can make it harder for you to relax and may interfere with the treatment. However, an empty stomach can leave you light headed. Try to eat a light meal an hour or two before your appointment.
  3. Drink plenty of water: It’s important to stay hydrated before and after your treatment. Drinking plenty of water can help flush out any toxins released and help prevent soreness.
  4. Dress appropriately: Depending on the type of treatment you have scheduled, you may or may not need to undress to some extent. It’s best to wear loose fitting or “athletic” clothing that you are able to move freely in. Your therapist will instruct you on what should be removed to facilitate the best possible treatment. Always undress to your personal comfort level.
  5. Communicate with your therapist: During your appointment, make sure to keep an open dialogue regarding any discomfort or areas of tension you are experiencing. This will help them make adjustments as needed to ensure that you are getting the most benefit from your treatment.
  6. Take it easy after your appointment: It is important to give your body time to rest and recover after treatment. Avoid intense physical activity or exercise immediately after your treatment and allow your body time to relax and recover.
  7. Follow any post-treatment instructions: Your therapist may provide you with specific instructions or stretches to do after the treatment to help with recovery. It is important to follow these instructions to get the greatest overall benefit.
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Whether you’re recovering from an injury or in dire need of a new workout recovery method, our experienced and registered massage therapists are ready to guide your path toward success.

Book online today!

Whether you’re recovering from an injury or in dire need of a new workout recovery method, our experienced and registered massage therapists are ready to guide your path toward success.

History of Thai Foot Massage:

Thai Foot Massage is a traditional therapeutic practice that originated in Thailand over 2000 years ago. It is based on the belief that applying pressure to specific points on the feet can improve overall health and wellbeing.

The massage technique combines stretching, acupressure, and reflexology to stimulate energy lines and points on the feet, resulting in improved circulation, relaxation, and reduced stress levels. Today, Thai Foot Massage is popular worldwide and is often incorporated into spa treatments and wellness programs.

Frequently Asked Question


Thai Foot Massage, also known as foot reflexology or foot acupressure, is a traditional massage technique that originated in Thailand. It involves applying pressure to specific points on the feet, which are believed to correspond to various parts of the body.

Thai Foot Massage can improve circulation, reduce stress and anxiety, relieve pain, and promote overall well-being. It can also help to stimulate the immune system, improve digestion, and enhance the functioning of internal organs.

During a Thai Foot Massage session, the client usually sits comfortably in a chair while the therapist works on their feet. The therapist will apply pressure to specific points on the feet using their hands, fingers, and a small wooden stick. The massage usually lasts for about an hour.

Thai Foot Massage is generally safe for most people. However, it may not be suitable for individuals with certain health conditions, such as diabetes, high blood pressure, or nerve damage. It is always best to consult with a healthcare provider before trying any new massage therapy.