Shoulder Injuries


Almost everyone injures their shoulder at some point in their lives. The shoulder joint is especially vulnerable for injury due to its inherent instability. Unlike a hip or knee, the shoulder relies on a relatively small joint surface for an enormous range of motion. To accomplish this, the joint leverages a series of ligaments, muscles, and tendons which hold it in place and ensure smooth movement. An injury to any of the connectors can be quite debilitating. Luckily, the pain is manageable. To get help now, scroll to the bottom of this page and click on “book appointment.”

What are the most common shoulder injuries?

Shoulder injuries generally fall into one of two categories:

  1. Acute: These are sudden injuries caused by falls with an outstretched arm, a direct hit to the shoulder such as may occur in a car accident, or any other circumstance where the joint is twisted or bent unnaturally. Generally, acute shoulder injuries involve immediate, excessive pain. Here are some of the more common acute injuries.
    1. Dislocations or separations of the arm bones from the joint
    2. Bone fractures or breakages
    3. Sprains (ligament injuries)
    4. Strains (pulled muscles)
    5. Torn rotator cuff
  1. Chronic: Characterized by long-term overuse, chronic injuries generally set in gradually, and are the result of excessive stress on joints or tissues due to long-term repetitive use, as might be found in certain professions or sports. Chronic injuries usually have moderate to severe pain which is exacerbated with pressure on the shoulder.

What can I do?

You can book a massage with one of our professional therapists who will show you the steps to take to for faster recovery, and to minimize pain. Our therapists have the knowledge and experience necessary to manage the situation. What are you waiting for?

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