Side Pain

Side Pain

Symptom – Are you experiencing Side Pain?

Side pain is defined as any pain you experience in the side of your abdominals or ribs. It may be combined with other symptoms – which can actually help determine and narrow down the cause of it.

What is causing your Side Pain?

Reasons you could be experiencing side pain include arthritis, a spinal fracture, degenerative disc disease, a strained muscle, a pinched nerve, a kidney infection, a bladder infection, kidney stones, dehydration, or shingles. If the problem is within the kidneys, other symptoms may include a fever, rash, dizziness, constipation, pain during urination, and blood in urine. If your side pain is caused by dehydration, it may be accompanied by extreme thirst, dizziness, dark urine, and lack of sweat.

If your side pain persists, it’s crucial to seek out the proper medical health. Tests can determine what the exact cause is and help you get back to eventually feeling your best. A CT scan or urinalysis may be done to rule out other conditions and zone in on the cause.

How can you alleviate your Side Pain?

As aforementioned, get check out by your doctor – especially if you have been experiencing side pain for longer than a few days. If it is caused by spinal issues, degenerative disc disease, a strained muscle, or a pinched nerve, massage therapy may help relieve your pain. At Athlete’s Choice Massage, our experienced and trained massage therapist will do a thorough assessment and determine the best massage techniques for you and your situation. Massage can help relax tense muscles and can help promote blood flow to the area – aiding the body in healing naturally. Book your next appointment today! Click the BOOK NOW button below to get started.

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