Soleus Muscle

Soleus Muscle

DEFINITION – What does Soleus mean?

Running from lightly under the heel and up to the knee, the soleus is a strong muscle located on the back of the lower leg, along with gastrocnemius. In fact, some in the medical profession consider that the two muscles are actually one, called the triceps surae. The majority of Soleus’ fibres arise off of either side of the forward aponeurosis, connected to the fibula and tibia, with others coming from the rear section of the fibula head, in addition to the tibia’s medial border. Both sets come together at the bottom of the muscle, forming the Achilles tendon which itself is then connected to the heel bone.

FUNCTION – Soleus Muscle

Crucial for walking, running and general stability, the soleus muscle plantarflexes the foot, widening the angle between it and the leg. Moreover, if not for the soleus’ continuous tension, your body would fall forward. The soleus is also well known as the skeletal muscle pump due to its action of pushing venous blood back up and into the heart.


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