What is Sport Taping

Like kettlebells, jump ropes and the stair-master, sport tape is nothing more than a means to an end; a tool to be harnessed in the pursuit of an objective. As athletes, that objective is either getting in more hours of training, or getting out on the field on game day. Without tape, we’d be forced to spend a lot more time in bed or on the bench. Really, it could be said that tape is indispensable.

For years, athletes have been wrapping their joints and limbs with strapping and tape, laying it directly against their skin in order to restrict movement and keep bones and muscles in a specific position. In many cases, tape has been used to reduce pain and aid recovery from an existing injury, or to prevent further or new injury during physical activity. Due to the constrictive nature of this form of tape, it must be removed soon after the activity has ceased.

Sport tape has many other common uses in athletics, and chief among them are:

  • Supporting an injury to prevent worsening
  • Providing compression to manage swelling or bleeding
  • Creating a barrier to prevent injury
  • In the case of an acute injury, securing a splint
  • Holding bandages and dressing in place

Sport taping can also be leveraged in non-restrictive situations such as to enhance proprioceptive feedback from a limb or joint, and as a preventative measure for the reduction of collision injuries from hitting other players or objects.

In the case where an injury has already occurred, sport tape can be applied to help ease pain. By laying kinesiology tape next to the nerve tract of swollen tissue, you can reduce the inflammation and the pain as a result. Regular white tape can also be used to support and stabilize the injury, and to prevent further damage by reducing force on the area.

Our therapist’s have received extensive training in the correct use of sport tape and this is important. There are many different kinds, all of which have a specific purpose and incorrectly applied tape can cause blistering and even contribute to further injuries. You can get sport taping on it’s own or book in for taping after your massage treatment. Click the ‘Book Now’ button to set-up an appointment now.

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