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Sport Taping Edmonton | Sherwood Park

How can Sport Taping help you?

For years, athletes have been wrapping their joints and limbs with strapping and tape, laying it directly against their skin in order to restrict movement and keep bones and muscles in a specific position. In many cases, tape has been used to reduce pain, to aid in the recovery from an existing injury, or to prevent a new injury. Due to the restrictive nature of this form of tape, it must be removed soon after the activity has ceased.

Other common uses for sport taping in athletics include:

  • Preventing an injury from getting worse
  • Providing compression to manage swelling or bleeding
  • Creating a barrier to prevent injury
  • Securing a splint
  • And holding bandages and dressings in place

Our therapist’s have received extensive training in the correct use of sport tape. There are many different kinds of sport taping – all of which have a specific purpose. Incorrectly applied tape can cause blistering and even contribute to further injuries. Frequently, taping is done in combination with other treatment – such as after a proper assessment or a massage therapy treatment.

History of Sport Taping:

Sport taping dates back to the 1880s. In 1893, Dr. Virgil Gibney published the ‘Gibney Basketweave’ technique for ankle taping. Eventually, this method and technique was used for various parts of the body. And in 1899, Johnson & Johnson introduced their first athletic tape product made of non-irritant adhesive.

Today, various courses are offered to teach proper sport taping techniques. The best techniques are taught and prove to be effective in reducing pain and aiding in recovery for injured athletes.

What to expect:

If you are pre or post-event you may want to consider Sport Taping or Strapping.

Let your therapist know in advance if you are interested in Sport Taping for a particular body part. They will assess and determine if taping will be of benefit for that particular concern. They will prepare and apply the tape or strapping as needed.

Other things you should know:

Add a comment when booking to instruct your therapist what body part you would like to have taped and why. This is an effective way to ensure you are at your peak of performance and can be added to any therapeutic treatment we offer. There will be an associated fee for supplies added at the end of your treatment.

Click the ‘Book Now’ button to schedule your next therapeutic appointment with the comment that you would like to add Sport Taping.

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