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From the professional hockey player to the twice-weekly runner, every sports enthusiast fears the same thing; injury. One misstep, one split second, is all it takes for misfortune to strike. If you’ve been practicing sports for a while, injury likely isn’t an unknown, in fact many people have suffered multiple injuries across their lives and careers, and in most cases, they’ve sorted themselves out and gotten back on the horse.

In the widest sense, a sports injury is the type of injury which most often occurs during exercise or while practicing or playing sports, and can be anything from minor sprains and strains, to major fractures, dislocations, and broken bones. More often than, sports injuries are the result of insufficient pre-stretching or warm-up but other main causes relate to equipment failures, poor conditioning and improper training.

So what do we do in the unfortunate case that injury strikes? For amateurs, an injury generally spells the end of their hobby, and they move on to something easier, like painting. But for the rest of us, sports is our passion, and sometimes even our livelihood. Giving up isn’t an option. In this case, we rely on professionals to help us ease back to peak performance.

The first thing you need to do when you’re injured, is determine whether you need to visit a medical professional. This can’t be stressed enough. Too many people injure themselves and undervalue the significance of the situation, eventually worsening the problem and unnecessarily elongating recovery. If you can’t handle putting weight on any part of your body, or if you experience excessive swelling or numbness, you should contact a doctor immediately. For all other cases, discontinue movement if pain exists. Never try to “work through” discomfort without the help of a professional.

Nicole Bablitz-Parker, owner of Athlete’s Choice Massage in Edmonton, Alberta, recommends, “When you hurt yourself, don’t just shrug it off. Even if it doesn’t seem serious, go see a doctor. Only a doctor can ascertain whether you’re good to go. Running on fracture will only make it worse.”

Once your doctor has given the A-OK for physical therapy, you’re going to want to register for a sports injury massage as soon as possible. According to Bablitz-Parker, “The benefits of a professional s massage, especially for people recovering from an injury, are huge. A regimen of targeted therapy can help cut the normal period of recovery by a third, an enormous boost for professionals who simply can’t afford the downtime.”

When combined with physical therapy, sports injury massage therapy not only helps manage anxiety and stress but can also minimize scar tissue, remove toxins, reduce muscle tension, and perhaps most significantly, minimize pain, a necessity in any rehab regimen.

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