DEFINITION – What is a Sprain?

Any action that pushes a joint past its natural range of motion could lead to either a strain (affecting the ligaments) or a sprain (affecting the muscles and tendons). Ligaments, muscles, and tendons are made up of fibers that manage huge tensile loads every day. Overloading can cause the fibers to overstretch and eventually tear and fail, causing pain and debilitating the joint from anywhere between a few days and a few months.

BREAKING DOWN – Manipulate

Sprains are extremely common injuries, more often than not affecting the ankle joint. Minor sprains can be treated at home using the RICE technique: get lots of rest, use ice on the affected region (wrapped within a soft cloth – never apply ice to bare skin), compress the area and keep it elevated. More serious sprains may require surgery to repair major fibre damage. In the case of a major sprain, pain and inflammation will be serious; you should head to a doctor immediately.

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