What is your sport: Squash

Squash is a sport that is not in the Olympics. Yet, many continue to lobby for its inclusion in the games.   

Essentially, squash is played by 2 or 4 players – in singles or doubles. The court is structured by 4 walls. Each player alternatively strikes the squash ball and hits it against the walls of the court. The game is played until one player reaches 11 points. Points are scored when the ball bounces twice – which means the opposing player failed to hit it. Points may also be scored if the ball hits outside of the lines, the ball hits the net, or the other team causes interference.  

Like most racket sports, squash requires a lot of coordination, agility, and swing types. It further requires quick decision making skills as you work to beat your opponent.  

Main Muscles Used in Squash

Squash Injuries

Common Muscle Injuries from Squash

The most common squash injuries include: 

  • Tennis Elbow: Tennis elbow, or lateral epicondylitis, is one of the most common overuse injuries in squash.  
  • De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis: This is another overuse injury caused by repetitive movements in the wrist and arm. 
  • Knee Injuries: Knee injuries, such as ligament sprains and meniscus tears, are fairly common from the quick movements and change in directions involved in the sport. 
  • Ankle Sprains: The fast pace and agility required may result in an ankle sprain for many squash players. 
  • Calf Muscle Tears: Similar to other injuries, overuse and the quick pace of the game may result in calf muscle tears or even, Achilles tendon ruptures.  
  • Back Strain: A back strain may also occur from the quick upper body movements and agility required in the game.  

How Can You Alleviate Your Squash Injuries?

Most overuse injuries require a certain amount of rest. The body needs time to heal and recover. Further, if you feel pain when playing squash, you should take a break until the pain has subsided. If the pain persists after more than a few days, book an appointment with your doctor. They can help determine an appropriate treatment plan to help you get back to the activities and sports you enjoy. 

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