Student Massage Edmonton | Sherwood Park

Student Massage Edmonton | Sherwood Park

History of the Student Massage

Apprenticeship and internship opportunities date way back in history. To learn the tricks of the trade, one often has to experience and practice their particular trade of choice. The same applies for massage therapy. Under the supervision of our experienced RMTs, our students are able to gain experience and further their learning through hands-on and practical Student Massage.

How Can a Student Massage Help You?

Are you on a budget? Student Massage offers similar benefits to a registered massage therapist appointment – but at a lower price. Their services are offered under the guidance of our experienced RMTs. Whether you just need to relax or you need treatment for an injury, Student Massage is a viable option to help you.

What I Need to Know Before My First Student Massage Appointment?

We have handpicked the top performing student therapists from all of the colleges within our city. We foster an atmosphere of strong mentorship in a healthy team culture. And as aforementioned, we offer a significant discount for apprentice massage treatments. This enables our students to obtain the necessary hours they need to complete their training.

Our apprentice massage therapists are licensed and registered but are not yet writing receipts for direct billing. Therefore, your benefits plan may not cover a treatment with a student therapist, check with your provider for details.

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About Athlete’s Choice Massage
Athlete’s Choice Massage is a modern massage studio. Since opening in 2016, Athlete’s Choice Massage has become an active part of the Edmonton and Sherwood Park community. Our experienced registered massage therapists set the highest standards in massage treatments. With massage therapy being covered by many people’s extended health care benefits, it is now easier than ever to experience the positive effects of therapeutic massage.