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Local businesses offer an excellent way to support your own community. These businesses give the community its distinct characteristics, making Edmonton the unique city that residents have come to know and love.

These local small businesses further give back to the community in a variety of ways, such as through local non-profit organizations and more. It’s a chain that keeps on giving, continuing to benefit you and the people around you.

On another positive note, local businesses also tend to beat the larger chains in a variety of factors and aspects. Local businesses, generally, use less land, create less air traffic or pollution, offer locally-sourced products, and often have higher customer satisfaction than their big-chain competitors.

Go local. And if you need more reason to support the small businesses in the Edmonton area, take a look for yourself. Find out what makes them so powerful. Learn about the local businesses near you! At Athlete’s Choice Massage, we’re proud to be part of an ever-expanding community of locally owned and operated businesses. Check out our featured local businesses below.

  • Spinunity Support Local


We did a spin class at Spinunity for a recent team challenge and boy did we have a blast! It was a great workout and so much fun.

  • Combat Archery Support Local

Combat Archery

Our recent team challenge at Combat Archery was more than just fun, it pushed us out of our comfort zones and was a heck of a workout.