Left Leg Pain

Symptom – Are you experiencing Left Leg Pain?

Left leg pain may range from a mild discomfort to severe pain. Your left leg may feel weak, numb, sore, or achy. You may also experience a throbbing sensation or cramping. It may be widespread throughout the leg, or the pain may be isolated to the ankle, calf, knee, thigh, or hip.

What is causing your left leg pain?

Left leg pain has many different causes. It could be due to injury to a certain part or structure of the leg – such as a fracture, burisitis, tendonitis, a muscle strain, or a ligament sprain. It may also be due to neurological reasons, such as diabetes neuropathy or nerves compressed in the low back. Deep vein thrombosis may also be a cause of your left leg pain. This is a blood clot that develops within a major vein in your leg – typically in the calf. Symptoms include pain and swelling – and in more serious cases, a pulmonary embolism may occur.

If it feels like a cramping sensation, you left leg pain may be due to nutritional deficiencies or dehydration. These aspects can cause your muscles to become sore and cramp up. This is most commonly experienced in the calf at night.

How can you alleviate your left leg pain?

Get your left leg pain looked at by a trained healthcare professional, such as your family doctor. They can help determine the cause and an appropriate treatment strategy for your specific situation.

Massage therapy can also help relieve your left leg pain. Massage therapy techniques promote blood flow to the area, encouraging the body’s natural healing ability. Massage can also help relax tight muscles that are causing you pain in your left leg. To book your next appointment at Athlete’s Choice Massage, click the BOOK NOW button below.

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