Talking During Your Massage

talking during massage

Before getting your first massage with us, we require you to fill out a short waiver. It’s just general questions on why you’re seeking treatment. It asks about any medical issues the therapist should be aware of that could impact the way they approach your treatment plan. It’s pretty bog standard stuff and overall not very exciting. However, we do have one question on our waiver that makes most clients laugh when they read it (we always know when you’ve gotten to that part of the waiver!). It’s the “Do you prefer talking during your massage” question.  

And while it might seem a bit off the wall compared to the rest of the questions you’re answering, it’s super important to us that you feel comfortable during your treatment. Maybe you hate awkward silences – well if your therapist knows that, they will be more than happy to chat away with you! But maybe you hate having to think of things to say – easy peasy, just check the box that says “no talking” and the pressure’s off you to make small talk; your therapist will simply let you just relax and enjoy your treatment. 

Personally, I checked the box that said “prefers no talking” but I almost always end up asking my therapist questions about what they’re doing during my treatment, and that’s fine too! There’s no right way to get a massage, the main thing is getting the right treatment for your needs, and that includes accommodating personal preferences when it comes to things like talking during your massage. Keep in mind that even if you choose “no talking”, your therapist will still check in with you throughout your treatment to make sure everything is feeling okay, and that you can also speak up at any time to let them know if you’d like them to adjust their pressure.  

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