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The Athlete’s Choice Massage team recently visited Vertically Inclined.  We were all inexperienced climbers, but the staff ensured we were accurately fitted with gear and given a comprehensive crash course in climbing and climbing safety. We were then left to explore the gym on our own and choose where we wanted to climb. Our instructor made sure to check in on us regularly to help us with any questions or guide us through a tricky part of the wall. It was the perfect balance of feeling looked after and having the freedom to do our climbing uninterrupted.

We learned how to navigate different wall sections using different types of climbing points while trusting our teammates to keep us safe on the other end of the line. We pushed ourselves and each other, and by the end of our visit we had all achieved well beyond our own expectations! It was a great workout and a super team building activity. We would highly recommend Vertically Inclined to learn a new skill or perfect your existing skills.

Notes about the facility:

  • It’s very child friendly and has a multitude of options for children’s climbing lessons and camps for any young ones interested in learning about climbing.
  • It is an excellent option for adults with an interest in regular climbing. The rock placements inside the facility are changed on a regular basis so that climbers are kept on their toes with new challenges and arrangements every time they visit.
  • You can try Lead Climbing, Top Roping and Bouldering within the Vertically Inclined facility.
  • You can work your way up towards outdoor climbing in their ASPIRE II program, which includes a weekend outdoor climbing trip.

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