What is your sport: Water Polo

Water polo is thought to have originated in Scotland. Originally, it may have been referred to as ‘water rugby.’ From there, the modern sport of water polo developed into what it is today. 

Basically, water polo is a sport consisting of 2 teams including 7 players each. Points are scored by throwing a volleyball-like ball into the opposing side’s net. It is usually played in the deep end of a pool – meaning each player must be a fairly skilled swimmer. Each match is divided into 4 quarters. And each quarter is usually 8-12 minutes long – depending on how many times the play is stopped. 

Skills involved in the game of water polo include treading water, shooting the ball, passing the ball, teamwork, as well as quick and strategic thinking.  

Main Muscles Used in Water Polo

water polo injuries

Common Muscle Injuries from Water Polo

The most common polo injuries include: 

  • Swimmer’s Shoulder: This is frequently caused by repeated overhead movements in swimming. 
  • Rotator Cuff Injuries: Tears, strains, and impingement injuries may occur from swimming and throwing or passing the ball. 
  • Thrower’s Elbow: The ulnar collateral ligament may become sprained from repeated throwing movements.  
  • Groin and Knee Pain: Due to the high level of endurance and swimming, groin and knee pain may arise in this sport. 
  • Adductor Muscle Strain: Adductor strains may occur if the hamstring or quadricep muscles are overused – which may occur from swimming movements. 

How Can You Alleviate Your Water Polo Injuries?

A proper diagnosis will help guide your recovery and ensure you receive the proper education regarding your condition. If pain occurs during play, remove yourself from the game. Do not push through the pain. Give your body time to rest and recover.  

The Athlete’s Choice Massage team can help get you back in the game. Our services include massage, orthopaedic assessment, manual osteopathy, acupuncture, sport taping, and more. Find out how we can help you recovery faster and better than you ever thought possible. Book your appointment online today. 

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