What are Gross Motor Skills?

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DEFINITION – What are Gross Motor Skills?

Motor skills refer to physical abilities we can perform with minimal, or no thought. Of the two types of skills, Gross motor skills are those concerned with larger parts of the body. Examples of gross motor skill activities include standing, walking, and running. These activities all require the exertion of bigger muscles in the body, as opposed to fine motor skills which focus on smaller muscle groups.


BREAKING DOWN – Gross Motor Skills

Gross motor skills are basic actions which we first develop as babies. By the age of two, most children can carry out such basic actions as standing up, walking, and running.

These gross motor skills are typically acquired before fine motor skills, as evidence of this, babies can stand before they can use their hands for more complicated tasks requiring hand-eye coordination.

Gross motor skills are critical to all sports, as they employ the bigger muscles, and help propel us forward, either by walking, running, jumping, or even sliding. 

An occupational therapist’s job description will include helping patients who have suffered from injury, rehabilitate and regain the skills to carry out basic activities. Occupational therapists can also work with disabled patients to help them develop basic gross motor skills so they can play sports for example.

Several competencies are impacted by a lack of gross motor skills, for example, balance, physical strength, reaction time, and general coordination. So if a child struggles with some or all of these abilities for a long time, then they can be diagnosed with DCD, which is sometimes used interchangeably with dyspraxia.

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