What does Massage Therapy mean?

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DEFINITION – What does Massage Therapy means?

Massage therapy refers to the hands-on manipulation of musculoskeletal tissue and soft tissue, including muscles, ligaments, connective tissue, and joints, in order to promote optimal health, well-being, and recovery. 

BREAKDOWN – Massage Therapy

Massage therapy, in many different forms, has been around for thousands of years. Our ancestors noticed the benefits involved in massage techniques. This therapeutic area grew. And today, massage therapy is regulated in many countries and their states or provinces to ensure safe practice. Massage therapists further undergo various schooling, practical hours, and examination before they are licensed or registered. 

Individuals may receive massage therapy for a variety of reasons or ailments, such as injury, stress, anxiety, relaxation, performance enhancement, and to improve overall health. Massage therapy requires registration and a license to practice in Canada and the province of Alberta. 

Massage therapy options include the standard and relaxation massage, deep tissue or sports massage, Thai massage, myofascial cupping massage, prenatal massage, TMJ release massage, and many more. The names of each massage type may also vary depending where you go. 

Massage therapy may further be combined with educational help and exercises. This helps serve massage therapy clients better, enabling them to continue to promote their good health outside of the clinic setting. 

Are you unsure what type of massage you need? Check out our treatments page for more info. Find the type of massage you need, so that you can feel better faster! 

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