What is a Certified Massage Therapist?

Certified Massage Therapist

DEFINITION – What does Certified Massage Therapist mean?

A certified massage therapist is a massage therapist who is licensed and registered in the province or territory they reside and practice in. For more details, continue onto the next section! 

BREAKING DOWN – Certified Massage Therapist

A certified massage therapist in Alberta is recognized by The Certified Registered Massage Therapist Association (CRMTA). This ensures that the standards and regulations of safe and effective massage therapist practice is maintained. It also protects – you – the patient. It also offers opportunities for registered and licensed massage therapists to further their education and practice through additional courses. In turn, this helps serve their clientele better and to the best of their abilities. It also gives way to specializations which helps service the needs of each unique individual. 

In order to become a licensed massage therapist, an individual must have 2200 hours of education in a certified massage therapy course. From there, an exam must be passed to become a member of a professional massage therapy association. 

When joining a massage therapy association, along with additional education options, massage therapists further frequently receive professional liability insurance and more.  

Before you receive a massage therapy treatment, it is essential that you ensure you are choosing a registered, licensed, and reputable massage therapist. Do your research. Check out their reviews and their website. Make sure you are getting the treatment you deserve with a certified massage therapist.  

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