What is a Chair Massage?

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DEFINITION – What does Chair Massage mean?

Chair massage is a massage conducted and performed while the patient is seated in a chair. Often, these chairs are specialized massage chairs. And frequently, these types of massages are convenient at corporate or special events, such as an employee appreciation day or conference.

BREAKING DOWN – Chair Massage

Chair massage is frequently performed on the shoulders, neck, back, arms, and hands. And it is often used at special events or in the workplace. Today’s corporate world involves more stressors than ever before. As such, chair massage can alleviate anxiety, reduce stress, increase productivity, boost morale, improve mood, improve sleep, increase overall well-being, and more.The first chair massage device was designed in 1968 by a massage therapistnamed David Palmer. It was created specifically for chair massages and under the assumption that the chair would have to be easily moved in order to use it at events -as opposed to in a clinic or therapeutic setting. Overall, chair massage provides an easy go-to for employees and individuals to relax and reset. A typical chair massage is about 15 minutes in length. It’s performed fully clothed and without the use of massage oil. Light to medium pressure is used to promote relaxation and to reduce tension. Kneading and acupressure techniques may further be utilized for the benefit of the client. At Athlete’s Choice Massage, our team is thrilled to offer corporate chair massages to the Edmonton area. Our team consists of knowledgeable, experienced, and certified massage therapists with various specializations and techniques. Our goal? To help you increase your overall well-being and health. Treat your employees. Book a corporate chair massage for your next big event or employee appreciation day. Are youlooking for a regular massage in clinic? We’ve got that too! Simply click the BOOK NOW button below to schedule your next massage appointment.

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