What is a Corporate Massage?

Corporate Massage

DEFINITION – What does Corporate Massage mean?

Corporate massage refers to mini massage treatments supplied at a corporate event or workplace. 

BREAKING DOWN – Corporate Massage

Corporate massage is an excellent way to improve morale or increase the mood of individuals attending your event. A massage team brings their own equipment, including chairs and tools, to set-up in your space. By providing these services, companies have found it improves workers general well-being and shows them that their employers care. 

And it’s different from your regular therapeutic massage. Corporate massage does not require clothing removal or a table. Most often, a massage team will bring massage chairs. These take up less space and are less invasive. 

Further, corporate massages don’t last your typical 60 minutes like therapeutic massages. Usually, a corporate massage session is about 15-20 minutes per person. This type of massage further tends to narrow in on specifically one part of the body, such as the shoulders, hands, feet, or back. These are often common compliant areas from general workers.  

And this type of massage is all about relaxation of the body and the mind. It’s a quick break in the middle of a busy workday. Others who have hired corporate massage teams have found it increases productivity in the workplace, improve morale, makes the employee feel valued, and it de-stresses staff members. 

Are you wanting to hire a team of massage therapists for a corporate massage? The Athlete’s Choice Massage team can provide professional and relaxing massages at your next corporate event. Show your employees you care. Hire a massage team for your next big event today! 

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