What is a Cross-Friction Massage?

cross friction massage

DEFINITION – What does Cross-Friction Massage mean? 

Cross-friction massage is a massage technique applied transversely to ligaments, tendons, or muscles to increase circulation, improve mobility, and decrease the formation of scar tissue. 

BREAKING DOWN – Cross-Friction Massage

The main goal of cross-friction massage is to decrease the formation of adhesions and scar tissue, as well as promote proper healing via increased circulation. A massage therapist applies transverse and deep but moderate pressure to the affected area, while moving their hands or fingers back and forth over the area (often this is referred to as ‘sweeping’). It prevents the tissues from sticking together which increases mobility and healing. And it also produces a numbness in the area, decreasing pain. 

This technique is frequently used for tendonitis injuries. And it may cause some discomfort during the process. Yet, this discomfort or pain should be tolerable. After 1-2 minutes, this pain or discomfort should subside. Treatment using this technique may take a total of 3-6 minutes, as many massage therapists are recommended to repeat the process multiple times using varying degrees of pressure.  

How does it work? In the case of tendonitis pain and inflammation, the individual does not want to move their affected limb or area. Further, it isn’t recommended to move the affected area if pain happens. But this inhibits adequate blood flow to the area. In turn, the area may heal slowly. The cross-friction massage technique stimulates the tissue without aggravating it.  

At Athlete’s Choice Massage, our therapists may use cross-friction massage to help further your healing. Although, it may depend on your specific injury and situation.  

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