What is a Hot Stone Massage?

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DEFINITION -What does Hot Stone Massage mean?

Hot stone massage is the use of small, smooth, and heated stones to warm and relax points of the body. This allows the massage therapist to apply deeper pressure without causing discomfort. 

BREAKING DOWN -Hot Stone Massage

During a hot stone massage, smooth and heated stones are applied to certain areas of the body. These stones relax the muscles and tissues underneath. In turn and as aforementioned, this allows the massage therapists to apply a more deep pressure, without causing pain or discomfort.

Typically, basalt river stones are used due to their smoothness and ability to retain heat. The stones are heated before the massage in a stone heater at 43-54 degrees Celsius. After stone application, Swedish massage techniques, such as kneading, rolling, and longer strokes, are used to promote relaxing massage and health benefits. The stones should feel comfortable once placed on you. If they don’t, it’s important to let your massage therapist know right away. They will adjust based on your feedback

Evidence indicates that hot stone massage can help treat anxiety, back pain, insomnia, and even depression.  

Where are the stones frequently placed? For hot stone massage, common places for stone placement include along the sides of the spine, in the palms of your hands, or on the legs, abdomen, or feet. It isn’t uncommon to also have smaller stones placed in between the toes or on the forehead. Typically, a hot stone massage lasts about 60-90 minutes, depending on your appointment length. 

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