What is a Hyaline Cartilage?

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DEFINITION – What is Hyaline Cartilage?

This cartilage contains a significant amount of collagen, and helps to maintain the structure and flexibility of various parts of the body.



BREAKING DOWN – Hyaline Cartilage

The most common type of cartilage found in the human body, hyaline cartilage is not only present on the surface of the joints, but also within the bones, promoting development and growth. But what’s the difference between bone and cartilage? Ultimately, bone is stronger and is vascular. It’s very strong when compared to cartilage. The vascular aspect is probably the main difference between bone and cartilage. But let’s take a closer look at what exactly hyaline cartilage is.

Adopting a translucent appearance, hyaline cartilage makes up the embryonic skeleton. It is also essential within articular cartilage in certain joints, costal cartilage along the ribs, and other structure within the body.

One of the main purposes of cartilage is to prevent the bones from coming into contact with one another, and eroding away as a result. This means that hyaline cartilage, being the connective tissue in amongst and around the bones, is very resistant but also flexible enough to move with the joints.

With regards to hyaline cartilage-related injury, it is usually assessed and diagnosed through the use of an MRI. Symptoms of cartilage damage include inflammation, and reduced range of motion with the joints.

In severe cases, cartilage can even snap off, causing the joint to lock up, and leading to some serious issues.

The causes of cartilage injuries vary. Impact injuries include car crashes or a significant clash with another person in a contact sport for example. Then, there are cartilage injuries that can come about as a result of being overweight, and placing too much stress on the cartilage and joints. Finally, being physically inactive for a long period of time can also cause harm to the cartilage.

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