What is a Massage Spa?

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DEFINITION – What is a Massage Spa?

A massage spa is a facility staffed by massage therapists and practitioners of Ayurveda style treatments, with the aim of helping you to relax and recover. While treatments vary from spa to spa, traditionally you can expect to find some type of water-based therapy, as well as all kinds of massage services available.



The role of water in most spas is of great importance. Dating back all the way to Roman times and the thermal baths present in that period. In Latin, Spa is an acronym which roughly translates to ‘health through water’. As such, we know that the spa started out as a place to leverage the healing properties of water – both hot and cold – to de-stress and find both inner peace and physical comfort.

The tranquil nature of spas is conducive to the stress-reducing practise of massage, using a variety of techniques such as aromatherapy and temperature control to lower levels of cortisol and open up the body to the experience of massage. In essence, we can think of the massage spa as a sort of warm bath for the mind, which is combined with the warm water which relaxes our bodies, for a transcendental experience of calm. 

Whereas in its infancy in Roman times the spa was seen as a place to go and be social, or somewhere soldiers could go to heal up, nowadays it is a place primarily dedicated to wellbeing. As such, all the senses come into play, from the aromatic smells of warm tea and scented candles, to the sounds of soothing music and the sensation of hot stone massage or warm water on the skin.

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