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DEFINITION – What is a Massage Table?

A massage table is an apparatus used by massage therapists primarily to aid the process, and help the client feel relaxed. Due to the nature of massage and its ability to induce a state of deep relaxation, massage tables have always been an important tool for any massage therapist


BREAKING DOWN – Massage Table

The first massage table – as we know it – came about in the earlier part of this century. Before the idea for more ergonomic massage tables was conceived, clients would have to lie on something much more rigid and unforgiving like oak. As time passed, and knowledge of ergonomics increased, we saw the introduction of the face cradle and padded massage tables optimised for comfort.

As aforementioned, the primary purpose of the massage table is to ensure the client can relax into the massage and as a result, better reap the stress-reducing benefits. In addition, the modern massage table is adjustable, meaning it can accommodate all shapes and sizes of body. As for the face cradle part of the table, this is necessary to facilitate deep breathing on the part of the recipient of the massage. Deep breathing allows us to access a state of relaxation quicker, and heightens the effect of the massage by putting the muscles at ease. Not only are there a lot of positives with regards to the client, but from the perspective of the massage therapist, they’re job is made easier with the easy-to-adjust nature of the modern massage table.

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