What is a Medical Massage?

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DEFINITION – What is a Medical Massage?

Medical massage, unlike most other forms of massage, has the explicit purpose of treating an ailment or being used as an alternative to medicine. This form of massage targets specific health problems, or issues with the body, and attempts to treat them naturally.

BREAKING DOWN – Medical Massage

Thousands of years ago, when the idea of massage to reduce muscle pain in the body was first conceived, people believed massage to be a natural cure or remedy for the physical being. While back then, there were perhaps less studies around medical massage and so less knowledge; these days, medical massage is typically carried out by fully trained and licensed massage therapists. This is due to the required understanding of the body – primarily the muscles and soft tissue – to perform an effective medical massage.

The primary reason people choose to have a medical massage is for pain reduction or symptom relief – as opposed to relaxation or other general outcomes like an improvement in mood.

Medical massage is practiced through a series of movements with the hands. These movements aim to manipulate the muscles and soft tissues in the body. As such, this often results in muscle relaxation and pain relief.Medical massage also promotes good circulation in the body, which can prove especially vital for people who lead an active lifestyle and are keen to get back to what they love doing.

It is particularly effective in dealing with some non-physical ailments such as fatigue, stress or nausea too. This is due to the relaxing nature of medical massage and the reduction of cortisol and increase of serotonin or dopamine. These factors work to boost our mood and lessen the effects of anxiety or depression.

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