What is a Mobile Massage Therapist?

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DEFINITION – What is a Mobile Massage Therapist?

A mobile massage therapist is essentially a fully licensed massage therapist who is able to attend patients or clients in their own homes. Some people prefer to receive massage treatment at home, and others aren’t able to go to a massage clinic. But that’s where mobile massage therapists come in.

BREAKING DOWN – Mobile Massage Therapist

Just like with most things these days, like takeaway food for example, convenience has become king. That means almost anything you can enjoy a whole host of services from the comfort of your own home.


Seeking convenience isn’t the lazy option for many, but a necessary one. With busy lives and schedules, it can be difficult to travel to an appointment or find the time. Mobile massage therapy offers a way that you can still reap the benefits of massage, but without going to a clinic.


This is also a viable way to get through a work day if you are struggling with muscle pain, as the mobile massage therapist can come through and lend a helping hand at your workplace. The mobile massage therapist travels around making home visits and making use of portable massage equipment, recreating a similar experience as if you were in the clinic.


The equipment that the mobile massage therapists has on hand depends on what they feel is most important. For example, they might bring essential oils for an aromatherapy massage, or a music player to help create a relaxing environment for the client.


At the end of the day, the ultimate goal with most forms of massage is relaxation of the mind and body, and your own home is one of the places you likely feel most comfortable and at ease. That’s why mobile massage therapy can prove to be very effective.


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