What is a Muscle Knot?

Maybe you had a tough workout yesterday. Or perhaps you woke up with it. You can feel the tension and soreness in your back. You’ve got a muscle knot. 

Torn Muscle

Undeniably, muscle knots can be very painful. They can also occur almost anywhere in the body. Yet, the most common spots include the neck, back, and shoulders. These knots can become achy and sore. They may also feel hard, tight, or swollen to the touch. 

But what exactly is going on beneath the surface?  

Muscle Knots in More Detail 

So, what exactly is a muscle knot? A muscle knot, also known as an adhesion, is essentially stuck tissue. It may happen from a prior injury or from doing too-much-too-soon in your workouts. Often, it’s from built-up scar tissue. As an injury heals, scar tissue may form. The same happens when your muscles are healing after a particularly intense workout. 

The result? It causes your myofascia and muscle tissues to stick together. The myofascia is connective tissue that covers your entire muscle tissue. Usually, it allows your muscles to flow freely. But when scar tissue forms, it becomes stuck. A point of tension forms, called a muscle knot. 

Interestingly, these knots may also form from poor posture or inactivity. These type of incidences may place stress on certain muscles or parts of muscles leading to a muscle knot.  

How Can You Treat Your Muscle Knot? 

Rest may help ease your knot or knots, especially if it is due to intense activity. However, if you have muscle knots that just won’t quit, there is more you can do! 

You can try to stretch it out or foam roll it out. These should feel like a good pain. If pain arises that is severe or causes extreme discomfort, stop the activity. Furthermore, some forms of aerobic exercise may help as this increases blood flow. Try going for a light cycle or walk. 

Heat or cold therapy may also be applied for 15-20 minute durations to ease your pain or discomfort. Heat will help relax the area and increase blood flow. Whereas, the cold will decrease pain. Choose what works best for you. 

Lastly, massage therapy and massage therapy techniques can help you tackle your muscle knots and associated pain once and for all. If you have recurring muscle knots, book an appointment with Athlete’s Choice Massage in Edmonton.  

Our massage therapists will perform a thorough assessment to determine the route cause of your pain. From there, they will perform massage techniques to alleviate your discomfort. Call us today, or simply book your next appointment online. Let’s get you back to your normal and a pain-free life. 

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